A simple homemade dinner

Let’s try this one again, no trying to queue stuff or the like this time.

I got quite the nice simple homemade dinner this week. I came home to almost all of my food prep to get dinner ready and one the table done for me. Yay! The only thing better for me would have been the cooked meal but this made me pretty happy.

So all my veggies were prepped so they could be steamed and then have a little butter, salt a pepper tossed on them.
veggies of deliciousness

After the veggies the boyfriend went to work cutting up potatoes to have oven roasted potatoes. What went on to theses was a splash of olive oil, salt and pepper.
roasted potatos(Can you tell that my boyfriend helped?)

Finally the defrosted chicken was addressed. The chicken breasted were seasoned with basil, parsley, lemon pepper and salt. I had a little trouble getting the chicken to cook all the way through without burning the outside so I had a solution! Make some sauce!
I took the chicken out for a moment to toss in some roughly chopped garlic with some butter. I deglazed the pan (removed the chrispy bits) with some vermouth. I put the chicken back in the pan and I let the whole mess simmer for a bit.

Then the whole wonderful thing was put together so I had this:
chicken, veggies and potatoes! nom nom nom